Sunday, November 16, 2008

November 16, 2008 - Auntie La-Le to visit!

Grandma had to hold back Aunt La-Le to get to me first.
I guess I'm cold.
Here we go again with the pictures!
Whoa, what the heck are you saying lady?
I'm standing so good!
It's the spinning wheel of death!! Weee!
They call it tummy time. I call it drooling on the carpet.
Multi-tasking ... come on, Aunt La-Le, just feed me already!
A new hat from Auntie that I hafta grow into. A little big.
Ready for your close up?
I'm Daddy's girl.
Momma's too.
I'm taller than beer!
Just watchin' the game, drinkin' a Bud. True. True.
Enough with the pictures already ok?
Momma's so funny.
Someone help me with this pacy?

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