Sunday, December 14, 2008

December 13, 2008 Another visit from Leslie

Dunno if I like this toy, Auntie.
Mommy and Daddy sure love me.
Love playing with me that is.
I'm like a puppet! Wee!
Oopsy daisy.
I have lots of fun too.
Maaaa, no PDA.
Ew, Mom, I mean it!
Like my Barca Lounger?
I can bend in half.
My hand tastes good even through this sleeper.
I do not have cellulite!
Gramsey loves to give me baths.

I have a tongue. Does it need a bath too?
I'm not as excited as Gramps.
Me and Auntie Leslie.
I love the spinning wheel of death! Well, not really.

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